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Name:Netherworld Academy
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Netherworld Academy

Welcome to Netherworld Academy!
The Netherworld ... a world overrun with spite, cruelty, scum,
and villainy, and riffraff. It is a petty and cutthroat
world where one has the right to do anything, so long
as they are strong or sly enough to get away with it.
Here in the Netherworld, the life skills necessary are
quite different than they are in other worlds. Here,
more devious lessons need to mastered for success.

Welcome to Netherworld Academy, a school for demons.
"But what if I'm not a demon," you ask? That's okay,
the school administration are demons, and they have no
qualms with roping you into contracts, saddling you with
student debt, and keeping you from leaving the Netherworld
until it's paid off ... But don't worry, at least you
have room and board.

There is only one absolute school rule regulation: "One
shall not follow the school regulations." Instead,
follow the rules to be a proper demon. Rules such as...
~Rule No. 4: Do no good deeds.~
~Rule No. 13: Cheat really hard on tests.~
~Rule No. 32: Pics or it didn't happen.~
~Rule No. 666: Don't forget to lick the yogurt off the yogurt caps.~

So don't go to class, and if you do, show up late,
leave early, and make someone else do your homework
for you, for then you will be a true honor student
of Netherworld Academy.

By the way - no one has ever graduated from this school.
We hope you enjoy your never ending campus life.
The Overlords From Beyond the 4th Wall (Mods)

Li Chi
(Plurk: queenoffruits, AIM: lichifruit)

(Plurk: nightlit, AIM: nightlitequinox)

(Plurk: Vehrec, Aim: Vehrec)

(Plurk: zferolie AIM: zferolie)

You may always contact us by PMing this journal~
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